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Starbright releases Cyber-Multiverse rules

Starbright has released their Cyber-Multiverse RPG rules.


From the release:

A cyberpunk setting powered by Multiverse Adventures, with the rules you need to play baked right in. This is the Multiverse Adventures version of the original best-selling Cyber-Fate game. Cyber-Multiverse is set on Earth in the future when city sprawl covers huge areas of the planet. Humanity has made the jump off planet, but only as far as Mars. It's a dangerous world, full of corporate goons, street samurai, androids, towering cities and toxic weather.

This distinctive background, with a gritty, cyberpunk feel, is an intense future-dystopia where the GM's and players' imaginations can run wild.

The PDF includes everything needed to start playing, with character creation rules, a timeline showing how the world got so messed up, a list of megacorporations, gear, cybernetics, net running and vehicles.

So start exploring this cyberpunk setting now!