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Star Wars: Destiny Release Events Announced

I know a lot of you are rather excited to get your hands on Star Wars: Destiny, the new dice game coming from Fantasy Flight Games. And, being gamers, you all want to be the first ones with those dice and cards. I can't really blame you. Well, you've got just a little over a month's wait, as Fantasy Flight Games has announced the dates for the Star Wars: Destiny Release Event.


The launch parties are going to be November 18-20th. Shops all over the world are able to get the special kit that goes with it. Those will contain starter sets, booster packs, and special release event deck boxes, alternate-art cards, and play mats. This won't be a tourney, but instead just a "come and play" sort of event. It's meant to be a lot more casual (certainly up my alley for things, anyway). Check with your gaming shop to see if they'll be getting the release event kits and make sure your calendar's free that weekend so you can go play.