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Star Wars: Destiny, New Angeles Now Available From Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games has a couple pretty big releases for you this week (and one middle-size one).

The biggest of the new releases would have to be Star Wars: Destiny. For those that've missed out hearing about it until now, it's the new card and dice game where you team up characters from across the Star Wars universe and fight against your opponents with custom decks and specialized dice.

After that, there's a new board game in the Android universe (also home to my favorite card game, NetRunner). Become the head of one of the city's megacorporations and compete against the others. But be careful, because your actions have consequences and if the city falls into turmoil, everyone's life becomes harder.

Finally, there's a new expansion for the Game of Thrones LCG.

All of these are available at your LGS and the Fantasy Flight webshop.