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Star Wars Armada Fleet Commander Contest Announced

If you're like me, you have spent a lot of time looking over stats for models in a game you play and endlessly coming up with different builds for your teams/armies/fleets. "I could take X, and that'd give me points for Y, but not enough for Z." and so forth and so on. Well, Fantasy Flight Games is rewarding those admirals out there who are looking over the upcoming releases for Star Wars: Armada and already working to integrate them into their fleets. They're having a contest where you do just that.

So, how does it work? Well, when the previews for the upcoming Interdictor and Liberty come out, you'll get a chance to look over the stats for those ships. Then, Fantasy Flight will make available a fleet-building sheet. Fill that out and send it in. Votes will be taken online for which fleets look the best. From there, the guys over at FFG will have a tourney using the fleets. The fleet that wins will get all sorts of fabulous prizes, as well other fleets.