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Star Viking range on sale from rotated in a new set of minis onto their sales page. This time it's the Star Vikings.

From the update:

Its the Festive Season once more and to thank all of you who made it such a good year for we have a special treat for you. A whole new 15mm science fiction miniature range and its 20% off list prices until January 4th 2013!That's right... seventeen new miniatures (detailed below) as single codes and blister codes along with two great value bigger packs (Skirmish 17 and Battle 44). Click on any of the links in this news item to be taken to the dedicated Star Viking page.

In the distant future of mankind a group of fanatical and evil scientists broke sacred laws by creating human-animal hybrids. These scientists and their loyal followers were forced to flee from Earth aboard several starships. They were hardy peoples coming from Skandanavia so they choose a winter world as their new home. Their numbers were few and compared to the standing armies of the empires and federations around them they were weak. To ensure their survival the mythos of the Norsemen was incorporated into their now accelerated gene beast research. This new force allowed the now Star Viking peoples to mount raids vital to their development and in time they grew strong and corrupt. Using the few human soldiers they have well most raids are carried out by the gene ripped creatures from massive factories on their world. Among them are Battle Boars of legend, Stocky Dwarves of mythos and vile goblinoids of lore. Lastly the huge Battle Giants pieced together for combat. The Star Vikings are to be some they are hailed as Devils.