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Star Trek Fleet Captains product details

WizKids have posted more details of their Star Trek Fleet Captains game. The game is expected to reach shelves on August 24th, 2011.

Star Trek Fleet Captains

From their announcement:
Venture into the depths of unexplored space with Star Trek: Fleet Captains, a strategic combat game based on the popular Star Trek franchise (Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager and original timeline movies).

Play 1v1 or 2v2 as the Klingon or Federation. Build your fleet and resource deck - each side has 12 different ships (24 total) each game!

Create the space for you and your opponent to explore – long and narrow? Wide and deep? The versatile hex map system allows for you to explore different board set-ups to go along with your strategies.

Each ship uses its patented HeroClix dial to track power settings and damage throughout the game. All power to weapons? Click to the highest weapons setting in your undamaged dial area. Taken some damage and need to protect your ship on the frontier? Move the dial in the yellow alert field to the highest shield setting.

Over 300 cards!
200 Command Cards (100 unique to each side). Each player chooses 40 when preparing their fleet – do you focus on famous crew from the Star Trek Universe that you can permanently assign to ships? Combat effects? Or perhaps you’re looking to win through influence and science missions!

50 different Encounter cards that span from new civilizations to worm holes – all there for you to discover when exploring space between you and your opponent.

76 Mission cards to ensure you will have different goals each time.

Unique fleet building mechanics makes the game different every time you play! Will you conquer space through military might, scientific discovery, or influence and development?

Designed by Mike Elliot (Thunderstone, Quarriors) and Ethan Pasternak.