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Star Trek: Ascendancy Factions Preview Posted

Attack Wing isn't the only Star Trek game we've got a preview of today. Gale Force Nine is also working on their own Star Trek Game. Ascendancy will be coming this summer. In it, you'll take control of one of the major races in the Star Trek universe and compete against each-other, exploring and expanding your territory. Well, today we get a general look at three of the races and an in-depth look at the Federation.

As one would expect, the Federation deals in diplomacy. They cannot invade other planets and must instead use the power of their words get them the goals they seek. Meanwhile, the Klingons are pretty much the exact opposite. They love nothing more than invading a planet and taking on a worthy foe. Then there's the Romulans who are all about advanced technology and cold, calculated moves on the board. Which do you think will win out?

3-Faction Overview Source
In-Depth Federation Source