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Star Run now in PDF from Quick and Easy Games

Quick and Easy Games now has their Star Run sci-fi RPG game available in .pdf format.


From the announcement:

Quick And Easy Games is now offering their flagship game, Star Run, as a PDF download. Star Run is a set of simple, straight forward space opera rules for paper and pencil role playing. Set in the universe of “The Great Confederation of Mankind,” players are free to create human or alien characters as they explore the vast beyond or just look for a good spaceport bar. The rules provide for a cinematic reality where action moves fast and furious. At only 47 pages Star Run leaves nothing out and packs a lot in; star ships, laser weapons, cyborg tech, and even old fashioned bows and arrows are covered. In short, anything your science fiction loving heart desires is now available for just $8.50.

Just go to and look under “Our catalog” then click on the icon for the PDF version, and it will be e-mailed you within 24 hours. It’s a great way to get you started in the fantastic universe of fun and adventure.