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Star Run, a new RPG from Quick and Easy Games

Quick and Easy Games brings you Star Run, a new RPG system.

From the release:

STAR RUN takes place in a Universe of star-spanning heroes and worlds of adventure. The Azainti War is over, and man is re-discovering the lost colonies of the Sleeper Ship Era. The Great Confederation of Mankind is the only force that knits humanity together, but the galaxy is a big place to police. Can you and your band of space veterans survive in this rough and tumble cosmos? Or are you one laser blast from oblivion?

This is an old school “paper and pencil” role playing game. The STAR RUN book is full of ideas for creating one action packed adventure, and our website’s page “STAR RUN FREE STUFF” and “GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN” has more.

STAR RUN uses a simple D6 (regular six sided dice) system designed to keep the action moving. Your character is created using point allocation. From human star pilot to alien space mercenary, your character is wholly your creation.

Over 15 years of play-testing and thousands of hours of laughter and fun, assure us that this game is well suited for an evening’s entertainment with friends. It's the simple fast space game you have been wanting to play for years.