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Star Fleet Universe Ambassador Posts Starfleet Communique #74 is Available

Star Fleet Universe Ambassador posts the main summer product will be Reinforcements Attack with new ships for every empire:

From their post:

We have decided (after consulting with you, the players) that this is a better approach than doing individual attack products for different areas of the galaxy. Borders of Madness is being developed for release at a
future time, with scouts, carriers, escorts, battle tugs, maulers, and other ships that only a madman would want to see added to Federation Commander.

Federation Admiral, a campaign manual designed to work with Federation Commander, will be released when finished. It
will also work with SFB, Starmada, and ACTASF and will provide players with everything they need to create their own campaigns at any level (strategic, regional, or local). This will be one of the largest books we have ever released.
Briefing #3 is in preparation. It contains commando ships, transports, survey ships, police ships, ground bases, specialized freighters, and much more needed for Fed Admiral. The Scenario Reference Book is steadily making progress toward publication. The Starship Reference Book has recently come on the radar as a plausible product worth doing.

A proper Tactics Manual is being developed. Lots of ship packs and other items in PDF format will be loaded onto e23. We will make an effort to do at least one new six-pack every other month. We realize that some sell better
than others, but we need to do them all and do them in a logical order. Each will have a mix of existing and entirely new ships, and some ships for future products will debut in this way.