Star Bowl previews Princess Leya in their Indiegogo campaign

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jun 26th, 2013

Star Bowl is showing off another star player for their Indiegogo Fantasy Sports campaign: Princess Leya.

From the update:

New 3d model for this Star Player for Star Bowl, avaliable !!!!

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  • lochmoigh

    How are they not getting sued?

    • grimbergen

      damn I want this model. I’ll happily support KS but never again indiegogo with the prepaid paypal nonsense.

  • Rorkror

    The link is the wrong one, here is the good one 😉 Link

  • ahayford

    There is no way this isn’t getting hit with a Cease and Desist….this stuff is way too close to SW IP.

    • Nightbee

      The fellow running the campaign says he’s a lawyer, for whatever that’s worth.

      • Soulfinger

        As other KS projects have already proven, this stuff is still way under Disney’s radar. Eventually, some blatantly derivative product will make it big and get public attention outside of our little sub-percent of the population, and then there will be boatloads of litigation for all, dating back as far as the statute of limitations allows. That the person running the project is a lawyer probably means he established it all as an LLC to protect his personal assets, knowing full well that the corporation would be bankrupted in a lawsuit. I know all of this because I am a Congressman and an astronaut, which trumps being a lawyer in all states but Arkansas.