Star Bowl passes $6.5k, new freebies added to Indiegogo campaign

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jul 8th, 2013

Star Bowl has made it past $6.5k on Indiegogo and has unlocked a new star player. They’ve also shown off some greens of new freebies and other stuff you can add to your pledge.

From the update:

Thx all funders for help us, we just unlock to many interesting things! Like BoFek,
Master Emperor ( free with your level 13) and more FREE interesting Stuff for all FUnders Take a look!

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  • surprize


    How have these people not got sued yet?

  • blkdymnd

    I still haven’t figured how this hasn’t been shut down. I guess Disney doesn’t look at Indiegogo…

  • JRacel

    I figure Disney is waiting until they get the money and then it will move in and shut them down. That way they nail these guys and the people insane enough to back something like this. It also means they can show these guys profited from the Star Wars IP after they get paid from Indiegogo, and I imagine that gives them better grounds to sue them.

    • grimbergen

      This is using paypal so I think the owner is getting paid immediately when someone pledges… unless it’s Indiegogo’s paypal account?

  • Daniel36

    Man… I hope some of that money goes to a spell checker… Otherwise I will feel sorry for the people getting the manual written in the same style as this news post.

    Then again, all of the money will head straight to Disney anyways…

    • Nightbee

      Well, there is no “manual” for these miniatures.

      If you follow the link, the statement above is also available in the campaign manager’s native language. Assuming you can read said language, there are fewer grammatical issues.