Star Bowl Fantasy Football Team Miniatures

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jun 6th, 2013

Star Bowl is up on Indiegogo and looking for funding. They’ve got “space-opera-themed” fantasy football players.

From the campaign:

Rykar Jové: I’m the sculptor on this project I have worked on a number of projects within the Fantasy Football gaming industry. My most recent large scale project was the Necronomicon set of miniatures that was produced and retailed by Impact Miniatures.

RN Estudio: We are one of the most important paintings companies worldwide, and in a few assume another challenge, which is to bring you those miniatures, that we ourselves wanted to paint and were not in the market 🙂

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  • Nightbee

    They’re a great company and these are very cool.

  • Cool stuff but they’re going to need to be careful with their logo. The sculpted one is probably okay, but the image one is the ‘real’ Death Star image with added spikes. That might be stretching the boundaries of what you can get away with. Just a concern.

  • blkdymnd

    Yeah, this is a product that if it was on the shelf I’d buy quickly before it gets pulled. But with the amount of IP red flags in there, as a crowd funded project, the customer may never see it.

  • nova3k

    -flexible funding campaign
    -60 day funding goal
    -shitty sclupts
    -dumb video, tells us nothing about the game
    -only 1 team
    The above are all the red flags that come to me even before the look-alike copyright infringements. This is a project i wouldn’t touch with a dime.

  • Nightbee

    When was the last time that an IP complaint actually ended a crowdsourcing campaign?

    People said it would happen with Impact’s chibi D+D figures, and they only had to slightly alter several of them (out of, like, 50). Greebo made those TMNT models and only had to change a few names. Endless Fantasy Tactics went off without a hitch, to the best of my knowledge.

    • grimbergen

      Maybe not end a campaign, but derail certain parts of it to be undesirable — look at the recent debacle with the Zombicide wave 2 promo minis of Marvin and Eva. Due to Miramax IP cease and desist, the minor changes they made to the minis were actually quite significant and cost a lot of customer satisfaction (more so likely due to the communication or lack thereof).

      • Nightbee

        Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that.

        (In all honestly, the changes to the Impact! one did sort of upset me. No owlbear!)

  • Ghost