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Stalingrad - Heroes All! now available

Two Hour Wargames have released the Stalingrad - Heroes All! supplement for their Nuts! WWII rules. From their website:
Stalingrad is a name synonymous with great sacrifice, and as a cautionary -- the graveyard of ambition. A Soviet arsenal city and gateway to the Caucasus, in 1942 Stalingrad became the focal point of one of the pivotal battles of the Second World War - a battle that, but for Hitler's ego and poor military decisions, may never have happened. Hitler originally planned to drive Army Group South into the Caucasus to seize the Soviet oil supply, but instead he drove much of it into destruction amidst the lethal ruins of Stalingrad. Stalingrad: Heroes All is a supplement for NUTS! 2nd Edition. Although intended to be played from the German side, Stalingrad: Heroes All plays just as well from the Soviet side. It can also be played solo, cooperatively with all players on the same side or head to head. Packed with 22 linked scenarios, this book covers a variety of small-unit and medium-sized actions from lunges across the Russia steppes during Fall Blau, to short sharp fights in the rubble of the Rattenkrieg, to desperate struggles for survival during the Kessel. This book also introduces several new unit types, hero characters and morale advantages. Lead a tank charge across the steppes. Scramble for food in a ruined basement. Drive your foe into (or away from!) the Volga. It's all up to you.