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Stak Bots: Battling Card Game expansion up on Kickstarter

Stak Bots is looking to fund their first expansion to their battling card game over on Kickstarter. Go check it out.


From the campaign:

The original set featured 16 different Bots; some of them have special abilities that take place when they battle, while others have entry effects that trigger when they come into play, regardless of whose turn it is, to create chains of mayhem and keeping everyone involved in the game.

This expansion set brings 16 new Bots; they have been carefully selected and balanced to work well with the original Bots. They can be added one at a time into the original set or thrown in all together for maximum variety. They also work as a deck on their own, but for new players we would highly recommend playing with the original set first.

With more cards there is also much more scope for deck-building; create individual balanced decks based on the cards' rank value or a point system.