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Spyrium by Asmodee Games Review by Club Fantasci

Club Fantasci takes a look at Spyrium from Asmodee in this new review article.



From the review:

You look out the window of your high-rise office onto the wonderful splendor of Victorian London, England. All around you see the work of others like you, smoke stacks, machines and gears churning, pumping away, working to bring glory to Her Majesty. But unlike the others you work to be the best! Turning around, you grab the glowing green crystal off your desk. Spyrium. The life blood and future of your mega industrial conglomerate. You stare into its mystery, wondering what other properties it may have or offer you. Setting it back down, you look at the new recruit files on your desk. Thumbing through them until you find the ones you want. These are the next miners, workers and management staff that will help you achieve your dreams.