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Spyfall Card Game Now Available from Cryptozoic

Spyfall... no, not when Sean Connery trips on an untied shoelace. It's the new card game from Cryptozoic that's available today. To win at this game, you must be able to think quick, answer questions on the fly, and be able to be vague, but not too vague, with your answers. Keep your identity secret, or be found out to be the spy. And you know what we do with spies. *maniacal laughter and walks off, petting a white cat while the laser turns on*

In Spyfall, at the start of each round, players are either given a location card (there are 30 total locations) or a Spy card. During the round, players ask one-another questions about where they are. Obviously, the players with the location cards know, but the one with the Spy card doesn't. So the Spy has to listen to what sort of questions are asked and what answers are given, in order to try and blend in. The object of the game is for either the Spy to guess what location everyone is at, or for the other players to guess who the Spy is. When an accusation is made (whether it's right or wrong), or the Spy makes a guess about where everyone is, the round ends and a new one starts in a new location.

The game is now available in the Cryptozoic webshop.