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Sprue Grey posts review of BPLaser Multi-Use Building

Sprue Grey takes a look at the Multi-Use Building from BPLaser and gives you their thoughts on the subject.

From the review:

BP Laser, a Queensland based company, produces high quality, laser cut MDF terrain for use in tabletop wargames and they are serious about the quality of scenery that they sell. Their terrain fits really well with science fiction skirmish games like Infinity. We’ve had a look at some of their terrain in the past (and even played Infinity on it!)

It was only recently that I have finally got my hands on a set of the scenery and am really impressed with it. My favourite feature of the Multi Use Building is undeniably the roller doors that actually work! The Multi Use Building makes use of “living hinge” to create the roller doors. This is a first for terrain makers! BP Laser are also the first company to make working extension ladders and extension bridges that actually extend!