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Spring Recruits 2011, March 25-27

The Spring Recruits wargaming show will be held on March 25-27th in Kansas City. From their announcement:
Spring Recruits Lee's Summit, Missouri March 25-27, 2011 By The Organization of Strategic Gamers (OSG) www.Recruits-Con.Com Welcome to Spring Recruits, March 25-27, 2011. We would like to welcome everyone to come and Recruit new wargamers into the hobby as well as enjoy a ton of good games with old friends. Recruits is held in Lee's Summit, Missouri SE of Kansas City. This year we have asked Mike Renegar of Rebel Minis to attend as our Special Guest. Mr. Renegar has recently just released a new 15mm modern skirmish game, Modern Havok. Modern Havok is a fast paced set of skirmish rules for modern urban warfare. Designed for 15mm modern miniatures line, these rules are based on the award winning Chain Reaction System by Two Hour War Games. Players control gangs, law enforcement or even mercenaries in a bid to control the streets.
Other rule sets from Rebel Miniatures include Raptorz, a space based game, Red Ops 5 a fast-paced modern Zombie game for 15mm and 28mm scales and Six Gun Assassins. Rebel Minis will also be re-launching the popular Mighty Armies fantasy game. Rebel Minis also has several lines of miniatures especially 15mm modern figures and offers scenario packs/starter sets for their rule sets as well as your favorite game rules including Two-Hour Wargames and Ambush Alley. For information about Modern Havoc and their other product lines please visit their web page Mr. Renegar will have these and other products available at Recruits. If you have special request of products you would like to see why not send off an email to Admission remains $5.00 per person, students are free Convention Hours for the Public Friday 5:00pm to 11:00pm Games start at 6:00 Saturday 8:00am to 11:00pm Games start at 9:00 Sunday 8:00am to 2:30 Games start at 9:00 We are looking for game masters to register their games as soon as possible. Please use the on-line game registration form to register your game. The form is really, really easy to use with mostly buttons to click. It will take you half the time to use the form than it would if you were planning to email us your game requirements. We will also be hosting both a DBA Tournament and Highlander CCG event. We are also working on Warmachine tournament. I'm sure I've missed something, I always do and it is usually something very important, so please don't hesitate to ask us any questions that you might think of. One final note, our email address has changed to Thank you all for your continued support, and thank you for helping us make Recruits so special. : ) Duane and Laura Fleck 816-228-9246