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Splork Games Set To Begin Kickstarter Campaign For Map Flats

Splork Games has announced that they're going to be running a Kickstarter campaign soon for their Map Flats terrain pieces.


From the announcement:

Map Flats are the latest offering from Splork Games and the company is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign in early November 2013 to ensure a successful launch of this innovative project. According to Splork Games spokesperson Ted Leaman, the campaign will focus on getting the word out about Map Flats and letting those interested in this new product offer support during the product launch.

Map Flats are high quality vinyl map details that gamers can use as stand-alone pieces that bring table top RPG’s to life or as a supplement to existing maps and battlemats. When used during games, Map Flats reduce the set up time for gamers and give them an extra tool to enhance a game experience.

Leaman created Map Flats after seeing so many 3D gaming supplements while attending various gaming conferences. Recognizing how difficult it is to transport 3D pieces, Leaman hit on the idea of making flat mats that feature stunning detail and that prove to be just as effective as 3D pieces. Leaman’s Map Flats represent the most commonly used structures in gaming. Gamers are able to choose from a peasant shack, a barn, a farm house and a tavern.

Now Leaman is ready to introduce his Map Flats to a wider audience with his Kickstarter campaign. The campaign will go live in early November and Leaman has made the decision to participate in the “Kicking It Forward” program. That means he has pledge to give back 5% of the funds he collects to other Kickstarter projects.