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Splork Games' Map Flats vinyl tabletop gaming mats Kickstarter launches

Splork Games got their Map Flats Kickstarter campaign underway.


From the campaign:

What are Map Flats?

--The Quick and Dirty Facts--

Vinyl Maps - These maps are printed on 15oz vinyl so they wont' rip, tear, bend, crease, combust, shrink, shrivel, or any other crazy thing like paper or cardboard will do. They will do it in their own, unique, fun way!

Scale - Map Flats are sized in inches and scaled at 1 square = 1 inch. Because this is compatible with most tabletop RPGs and 28mm miniatures games, 1 square is roughly equivalent to 5 feet.

Wet Erase-able - I use my Expo Vis-a-Vis pens on these all the time and they work like magic!

Durable - These maps have a +100 bonus vs. water, milk, soda, energy drinks, baby wipes and household cleaning products.

High Def - Yup, these babies are better than real life! Printed at 1440 dpi.

Simpler Solution - These bad mama-jamas are tons easier to haul to your next gaming session than 3D terrain and hold up better than any card-stock or cardboard maps that exist on the market currently.

Modular - These maps do not bind you to keep re-playing the same set up over and over. You can arrange and re-arrange the settings as much as you need to.

Affordable - You've seen a lot of maps out there, and sometimes, as a broke gamer, it's not always attainable to get decent quality maps that will hold up against the vicious battles that will be waged on them. It is our goal to provide not a decent quality map, but a STELLAR quality map at a price that a financially impaired GM can justify.