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Splintered Light release new 15mm fantasy figures

Splintered Light Miniatures have released several new packs of 15mm fantasy miniatures. Wood Trolls From their announcement:
Lots of new 15mm packs in the Splintered Light Miniatures line. Cave Imps: Sculpted by Wiff Waff. These will make great opponents for the gnomes.
  • CAIM01 Cave Imp Command (12) $8 USD
  • CAIM02 Cave Imp Clubs (12) $8 USD
  • CAIM03 Cave Imp Spears (12) $8 USD
  • CAIM04 Cave Imp Slings (12) $8 USD
  • CAIM05 Cave Imp Long Spears (12) $8 USD
  • CAIM06 Cave Imp Lizards (12) $12 USD
  • CAIM07 Yetis (4) $8 USD
  • CAIM08 Yeti Catapult (1) $8 USD
Wood Elves: Sculpted by Faron Betchley. The swords are already released and Faron is doing a great job on this range. We have a lot more fun packs coming out for this range.
  • WOEL01 Wood Elf Personalities (8) $8 USD
  • WOEL02 Wood Elf Infantry Command (12) $8 USD
  • WOEL04 Wood Elf Spears (12) $8 USD
  • WOEL05 Wood Elf Archers (12) $8 USD
Dark Elves: Sculpted by Ben Siens. 4 great new hero figures for this range.
  • DAEL08 Dark Elf Personalities (4) $4 USD
Woodland: new additions by Faron Betchley. These are some great new offerings for units to fill out your elf or halfling armies. They will also stand alone. Please note the fauns are true 15's as opposed to the ones in the Splintered Lands section that are more 20mm.
  • WOOD03 Armored Fauns (12) $8 USD
  • WOOD04 Fauns (12) $8 USD
  • WOOD05 Wood Trolls (6) $8 USD
Dwarves: Sculpted by Wiff Waff. These are the first 6 packs in what will be a large and fun range. These are true 15's as opposed to the ones in the Splintered Lands range, which are more 20mm. These match sizewise with the dark dwarves.
  • DWARF01 Dwarf Personalities (8) $8 USD
  • DWARF02 Dwarf Bondi Command (12) $8 USD
  • DWARF03 Dwarf Huscarl Command (12) $8 USD
  • DWARF04 Dwarf Bondi (12) $8 USD
  • DWARF05 Dwarf Huscarls (12) $8 USD
  • DWARF06 Dwarf Crossbows (12) $8 USD
Thanks for looking. David