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Splintered Light release Cyclops army

Splintered Light Miniatures have released a 15mm fantasy Cyclops army set. Cyclops army From their website:
I realize I have shown these at various points but I thought I would showcase the new cyclops army today. First, is the command pack, which consists of a chieftain, standard bearer, musician, and shaman. The shaman is dressed in a bear pelt since part of the shaman's initiation is the slaying of a great cave bear. Second, are the clubs. These are the primary hitting force of the cyclops. Third, are the stone throwers, serving as missile troops. Finally, are the giant cyclops. Though much rarer, these are powerful beasts who can not only crush with their great rocks but also launch them at enemies. These were all sculpted by Adam Gaylord (Wiff Waff).