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Splintered Light Miniatures Unleashes 15mm Red Dragon

Splintered Light Miniatures has released the Red Dragon! Run! Run for your lives! Ruuuuun!
*someone leans in and whispers*
... what?... it's a 15mm miniature? ... oh...
*puts back looted goods I'd procured and sits back down behind desk*

From them to you:

Splintered Light Miniatures is excited to announce the release of our massive new red dragon.

Sculpted in the classic style by dragon-master Sandra Garrity, this behemoth is all metal and measures 120mm from head to tail and is 70mm high to the top of the wings.

This Red Dragon is the first in an ongoing series of classic style dragons to be sculpted by Sandra Garrity.

The Red Dragon retails at $29.99 USD