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Splicers: I Am Legion Adventure Sourcebook Now Available

Palladium Books has released a new sourcebook for their Splicers RPG. It's called I Am Legion, and it's got all sorts of new options for players and GMs. There's new Great Houses, Armors, Bio-Weapons, and much, much more.

From the website:

This big, 256 page adventure sourcebook for Splicers® is jam-packed with new Host Armors, War Mounts, Bio-Enhancements and adventure galore. Splicers® I Am Legion is such an epic, fun and beautifully illustrated romp, we decided we had to make it available as a book too.
Highlights Include:

6 new Great Houses.
4 new Host Armors.
6 new Splicers War Mounts.
7 new Bio-Enhancements and augmentation.
19 new Bio-Weapons, including the Hive Sword, Bug Bombs and more.
15 new machines – robots and amalgams of the murderous Legion.
Amalgam creation tables, new alien predators and more.
Legion: A new and psychotic personality of N.E.X.U.S., statted and described.
Includes 20 pages of additional, unpublished material.
Written by Chuck Walton II, Christopher Kluge, Lance Colley and others.
Available as a PDF sometime next week.
256 pages – Cat. No. 201.