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Spielbound Board Game Center Made Tax-Free

Spielbound is a board game center in Omaha has been granted tax-exempt status. The center, that has a cafe that is now run separately, has a library of 1350 donated board games. Basically, it's a library, but for board games.
I know this isn't the sort of thing TGN usually reports on, but I saw this story and thought it was pretty cool. I'd love to see places like this all over. I know some LGS locations have a game library you can check out, and that's pretty sweet as well.
Anyway, carry on, everyone.

From the report:

Spielbound's board game library is officially a nonprofit organization.

The board game haven at 3229 Harney St. in Midtown Crossing has a café and the game library, and the library of 1,350 donated board games now is operated separately.

The library was recently granted tax-exempt status as a public charity. That 501c(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service means contributions dating to Spielbound’s Oct. 22, 2012, founding are tax deductible.

"Our volunteers have put in literally thousands of hours helping build this organization and its game library to make it a truly unique and welcoming center," said CEO Kaleb Michaud. He said nonprofit status will help grow educator-support programs and remove barriers to grant applications.

"The (nonprofit) budget is much smaller, but allows for a lot of growth," Michaud said.

The cafe charges $5 for day passes and also offers monthly and yearly memberships.

Spielbound, which opened in September, is open to game players of all ages and offers a variety of special programming, including guides for teachers on what games facilitate learning in the classroom. Michaud said he also hopes to help with research on how board games can affect the brain later in life, and to get more games to retirement communities.

Spielbound has hosted fundraising events, and its volunteers provided scheduled free game demonstrations. It also hosts meetings and events for SpielMasons, a local game design and testing group.

A ceremony celebrating the library’s new federal tax status will be held Wednesday at 3 p.m.