Spied a view of some new GW 40k aircraft

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
May 24th, 2012

Games Workshop has some new flying units coming out for 40k and we spied these pictures around online and figured we’d share them with you.


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  • Gallahad

    Wow, that looks terrible. The wings are stupidly thick. Kind of looks like a cyber-oreo.

    • cama

      LOL. I like that. Cyber-Oreo. Very clever!

  • KelRiever

    Actually, I like the way it looks.

    ….and still not buying it. Because it isn’t the GW figures that ruin the game, its the rules and GW itself.

  • Bellygrub

    Love the Necron and Ork kit. I’m definitely going to get a couple of the ork kits.

  • keltheos


    Finally, won’t have to convert or buy the overpriced resin Ork flyers…

    I like the Necron ship. If you’d played Gothic you’d know that the massive crescent style is right in line with their flight/spaceship aesthetic.

    • Soulfinger

      Ha! Now you can buy overpriced plastic.

      • keltheos

        Fortunately for me, I don’t think it’s overpriced.

        • cama

          “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

          Just kidding – if you think it’s valuable to you, it will be!
          I was a die-hard Ork player, and if I hadn’t flogged my army on ebay last year, I too would want one of these – and the price ISN’T that bad. The kit is very cool. I always liked the bommerz. I even had the graphic novel of the fighta-bommerz that was so inspiring, also Fighta-Bommerz over da Sulfur River, and had a nice ork force for Aeronautica Imperialis.

        • Wait.. when did they announce the price-point??? Did I miss something? I’ll probably get some of the ork ones.. and convert up a blasta bomma too..

          • cama


          • Somehow your Waagh led me to understand that these are set around $45 USD. Funny how that works..

          • keltheos

            BoLS had a posting showing the release prices for these and other upcoming models. about $45-50 each, IIRC. Not a bad price for something I have no desire to take the time to convert myself nor wish to buy in resin from FW but would still like to have.

          • cama

            Stand proud my Greenskinned brother!

  • Kraan

    The ork fighter and the necron disk are really nice, the space marine thingy is awful, it’s the mini-me of the other flying vehicle.

    Though the blisters don’t offer the usual customization. The necron is null, the space marine is almost null, the ork’s instead offers two variants but they could have put much more.

  • surprize
    • Soulfinger

      No, THIS is spot on.

      • Veritas

        You should be banned for getting me to click that. 😛

  • Mananarepublic

    That Orc airplane is awesome!


  • Kolonel K

    Dear GW, please go one month without naming something Doom, Death, Night, or Blood. Bet you can’t do it.

    • cama

      They did! That month was MoarSkullsuary.

  • Hexenjaeger

    40K has become constant escalation and overkill. You may as well just show up to a 40k game with no models, look your opponent dead in the eye and say “I win.” They’ll more than likely say something along the lines of “What?” or “Huh?”. That’s when you inform him your fleet just planet bombed the rock you were going to fight over from orbit. At the tournament level, this is when you immediately walk over to where the first place trophy is, grab it, and walk out.

    • KelRiever

      I think you are on to something there.

      The only problem, is you didn’t buy figures from the store.

      Here’s what I propose:

      Wait for the first big prize tournament after a codex release. Walk in an hour early before the tournament. Buy the codex. Go use a smartphone and go to any worthwhile 40k website and find the list for the most broken thing that now exists from that codex.

      Grab the boxes and blisters you need. Go buy them. Sign up for the tournament. Leave everything shrink wrapped in its box. Play the entire tournament with shrink wrapped boxes. Win. Get the stuff you actually want from the game store with your store credit. Go outside and put the stuff you want in your car and go home.

      The next day, come back to the store, and ask for a refund for all the 40k shrink wrapped stuff you purchased for the tournament.

      • You’d fail the “must be painted” requirement…

        • cama

          No one does that anymore. Any self respecting tournament is all about the sea of grey.

          • KelRiever