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Spherical D14 and D18 project on KickStarter from Impact! Miniatures

Impact! Miniatures hates that you really don't have a good way to randomize a 14 or 18 choice roll... so they've decided to come out with D14s and D18s to solve the problem, and they've started a Kickstarter campaign to get your help.

From the campaign:

Several years ago, I spent the money to have the 30mm flat round base made to help with fantasy football gaming. I've never regretted that investment for what it allowed for playing with big guys more easily on the board and later it turns out for creating custom Heroscape figures.

The fact that those 30mm bases unexpectedly became so important to Heroscape players let me know that sometimes in the gaming industry you just need to build it so that they will come.

So I'd like to bring the missing mass produced even gameD14 and D18 to market each in 8 different colors. Spherical dice that will look good in your gaming sets. What use are they ... I expect creative gamers will find those uses once these dice are available.

When I started Impact! I wanted to not just make miniatures ... I wanted to make products that could help gaming be better, easier and more fun. So I hope you can support our effort to bring out something new and cool to the gaming world.

To assist this project ... all the special dice that Impact! still have in production since we started are also offered as part of the KickStarter ... many at great discounts off our web store prices. Like our Flaming Skull dice for example.

Thank in advance to anyone who backs this KickStarter and also if you could take the time to post about this KickStarter to your Facebook page, your Twitter account, or any internet forums ... GREATLY GREATLY appreciated!