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Spellforge Games Launches Foe Hunters Cooperative Deck Builder Kickstarter

Spellforge Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Foe Hunters, their new cooperative deck-building card game. Players in Foe Hunters each pick a powerful fantasy-themed hero that they will lead into battle. The party is working to defeat the Foe, who is controlled by their own deck of cards. Players purchase cards to add to their deck, try and defeat enemies, and protect the City. The game ends when either the Foe or the Heroes lay defeated.
The campaign is set to run for another 31 days.

From the campaign:

Foe Hunters is an exciting co-operative, multiplayer deckbuilding/adventure game set in the realm of high fantasy! Players take the role of heroes that are working together to thwart the evil Foe. On their adventure the heroes will work together in an effort to bolster their party and fend off this powerful enemy. The players will harness mighty abilities and powerful equipment while they work as a team to rid the world of this wretched evil!
In Foe Hunters each player selects one of the Heroes to play, each having its own unique starting deck. After selecting their Hero, the players set up the Foe deck and the City deck and you are ready to play! Each turn the player can play a card from their hand, buy a card from the City deck, and activate a heroic Feat in any order. Cards purchased from the City deck go directly into your hand instead of your discard pile, so you can play them right away! Once you have done these simple actions, your turn is over and the next player goes. Once all players have gone, the round restarts with the Foe activating their powerful abilities. Gameplay continues until the party is dead or the Foe is dead, whichever happens first.

2-6 Players
60 - 90 Minutes Playtime
Ages - 13+

We are launching with 4 Heroes, but have several more planned as stretch goals. This allows us to set a small and realistic funding goal and still plan additional content into the game!