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Spell Saga New Language Launch On Kickstarter

The campaign to have everyone in the world speak Esperanto didn't work. As such, we still have lots of different languages spoken and read all over the world. While this could be seen as good in terms of keeping a historical identity, it also means that game manufacturers sometimes have trouble getting their games into the hands of people who may want to play them, as the language barrier poses quite a challenge. Well, the fellows over at French Toast Gaming Co. are looking to bring Spell Saga to various new languages, and they've Turned to Kickstarter in order to get it done.

This campaign looks to bring the solo-adventure card game to more languages. The original Kickstarter campaign funded, raising over $20k. This new campaign is also funded... though since they were just looking for $25 to start out with, it's no real surprise that they made it. Also as part of this campaign, those that might've missed out on getting special cards from the original campaign have a second chance to do so.

There's still just over 2 weeks to get in on the adventure.