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Spectacle Publishing Media Group announces The Darkest Age RPG

Spectacle Publishing Media Gaming Group has announced a new alternate history/horror RPG they're coming out with called The Darkest Age.

From the announcement:

Spectacle Publishing Media Group (SPMG), an independent book publishing company today announced its first roleplaying game, The Darkest Age (DA). This innovative horror roleplaying game is set in a gritty and dangerous 14th century Europe as an unusual strain of the bubonic plague ravages the countryside and those afflicted won’t die. Instead, they rise up and feast on the living!

Based on the d20 OGL system, The Darkest Age takes players into a grim world of corruption and fear, plagues and paranoia. Wars are no longer fought with masses of men in chain with bows and spears – they are fought through resources, specialists and powder-keg skirmishes.