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Special Team Uniform: A Review of the LE Flint From Guild Ball

Special Team Uniform: A Review of the LE Flint From Guild Ball

Lots of companies produce special products for conventions and other events they might attend. Salute, being one of the biggest gaming conventions around, certainly has companies bringing out some cool, unique items for the show. Thankfully, many companies also have those special products available on their website during the run of the show. Steamforged Games did that with their Salute specials, which included a special version of Flint from the Mason’s Guild.

I took a couple minutes from my Saturday a couple weeks ago to place my order, which arrived today. I thought you might like to see it.

So get out your team pennant, it’s time for another TGN Review. This time it’s the LE Flint for Guild Ball from Steamforged Games.

Starting off, I have to admit, I didn’t realize the figure would be resin. Not that there’s anything wrong with resin. It just surprised me a bit when I opened the package and looked at the blister.

It’s been a while since I’ve worked with resin. The last time was when I was putting together the Khador Colossal for a friend. Before that, I couldn’t tell you the last time I worked with a purely resin model. Since the Colossal didn’t exactly have fine detail on it, I’d sort of forgotten how well the material can hold detail. So, looking at Flint, I was amazed to see the fine etching on his shoulder pad and lower arm guard. Heck, something like spikes on the bottom of his cleats would be not nearly as clean as they are here. Flint’s face is also very crisp and clear. There’s only one, tiny, imperfection on the figure. On his back food, there’s a tiny bit of a ridge on it. Certainly not a miscast in any form, and with a bit of filing, it will smooth itself out.

Putting the figure together, I’m not sure if it’s just the resin being used, or how I was using a different knife than I have at home, but my lord did the knife go through the resin like going through butter. The material doesn’t seem particularly soft, but I had to be very careful with my cuts, lest I accidentally chop off some of that detail I just went on for a paragraph about.

As I mentioned above, I don’t have any other resin miniatures from Steamforged Games, but that might change soon. They tend to have limited runs of each of the resins available when they come out with new models, which you can get in their Webshop here. If the quality of those are like the quality of this (which I assume is true), I would highly recommend them.

Seeing as I recently picked up a Mason’s team, this Flint will be a fine addition. Stay tuned, as I’m working on sort of “team write up” for them.