Special offers from Warlord

Warlord Games is offering free shipping and free minis.

From their announcement:

Gareth here – I’ve managed to get 2 fantastic deals for mail order this month. Have a look below at the great offers…

Free Postage Worldwide
It’s official – I must either be the most charming man in the world or I laced the bosses’ teas as from the 11th of February until the 1st of March all mail orders leaving Warlord HQ will be post free. This is worldwide. So take advantage of this great offer whilst it lasts.

Free Sprue
So after charming the free postage out of them, I didn’t stop there…
Sneaking into the Warlord warehouse I liberated a load of plastic sprues which were just begging me to send them out to you.
Any orders over £50 you will receive a free Warlord plastic sprue, and for every extra £50 you spend you will receive an additional sprue.

I’m sure you will understand that this exercise will not be an exact science; however we will try to tie the free sprue(s) into what you are buying.

Those eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that we don’t have plastic sprues for Bolt Action so you will get a random choice.
If you wish to specify your free gift, please drop us a call at 0115 978 4202 or email to info@warlordgames.co.uk This offer ends on the 11th of March. So what you waiting for? Charge!