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Special Edition Dragon Head Coin is LIVE on Kickstarter

Dragon Head Coin has launched a Kickstarter campaign for another of their special coins. This one's the Special Edition Dragon coin. It's a rather serpent-like dragon coiled around a bejeweled cross.
Hmm... add a little ring to the top and it'd make quite a pendant. Think I've seen some friends who have something kinda like that.
Certain pledge levels also can get you some of their previous coins.


From the campaign:
Are you bored of regular old coins with no personality? Dead presidents don’t do it for you? The Dragon’s Head series makes a great decorative piece for your desk, is a great conversation starter, and is a great tool for gamers. Regardless of how you display or use it, they are a bad to the bone piece of art.

Welcome to the First Special Edition Dragon Head Coin in the series. As the first run of 5 coins has come to an end, there seemed to be something missing... The Special Edition Dragon is a one of a kind coin created to compliment the original series. This coin is almost an inch larger than the original 5 coins.