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Special Christmas Drawing From Corvus Belli

Corvus Belli has a lot of drawings on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Usually, there's one whenever a country is celebrating an independence day. Well, this isn't one of those drawings. This one's because Christmas is just a couple days away. And it's an extra-big drawing, too.


So, what will you get if you win? A 300-point Tohaa army, the Tohaa army dice set, and a T-shirt (to wear while playing your army, of course). Yeah, quite a giveaway. As usual, you need to head to their Facebook page or onto Twitter and use the hashtag #IninityTheGameDraw as well as answering the question of, "what do you expect from Santa Claus this year?"

You've only got today to enter, with the winner being announced on Christmas Eve (that's the 24th, for those that don't know).