Spearpoint 1943 FAQ released

Collins Epic Wargames have released an FAQ for the Spearpoint 1943 WWII card game.

From their announcement:

We’ve released an FAQ for Spearpoint 1943 which is now available on our HQ page for Spearpoint 1943 and has been submitted to BGG for approval under the Spearpoint 1943 entry’s files section.  The FAQ walks through some good Q&A regarding the Spearpoint rules and some special situations you may encounter in your games. 

We’ve been supporting questions since the game’s release through e-mail, Boardgamegeek.com and Consimworld.com, and will continue to do so, updating the FAQ as required along the way.  We’re here to support, so if you run into any questions or issues, feel free to get in touch with us directly or ask in one of the forums mentioned above.