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Spearpoint 1943 Expansion final art

Collins Epic Wargames have received the final art for the Spearpoint 1943 Village and Defensive Line Map Expansion. trench From their announcement:
We're excited to announce that final artwork by Marc von Martial is now complete for the Village and Defensive Line Map Expansion barring a few minor items. Two display prints (one of each map side) are currently being printed for use at upcoming conventions for demo purposes. The first public look at the game for players will occur at Williamsburg Muster February 4th-6th where anyone may play a demo game or two using our prototype copy of the game featuring production artwork. We've even posted an event on the Muster's Preliminary Event Listing that will occur Friday night Feb 4th beginning around 6pm- we'll run an official game or two using the new expansion and one or more scenarios. This expansion is turning out to be an incredibly fun way to add additional depth to your copy of Spearpoint 1943 and the artwork and components are stunning. Take a look (below the box art) at one of the Infantry Trench Feature Tiles for use on the Defensive Line side of the board, which is set in Italy, Winter 1943. Please consider locking in a pre-order for the expansion if you haven't already- we only need about 220 more pre-orders to go to print.