Spartan preview Ralgard Tervak’Nar Flagship

Spartan Games have posted a preview of the Ralgard Tervak’Nar Flagship for Uncharted Seas.

 Ralgard Tervak’Nar Flagship (with Vantak Battleship)

From their website:

There are many ships across the Uncharted Seas that strike fear into the hearts of fleet admirals when they are seen on the horizon. There is a special curse among the Orc Raider clans for Imperial Human martyr vessels who rob hard won victories from even their fiercest captains. Dwarven engineers spit at assignment to piston ram cruisers, for their precision engineering requires endless maintenance in sweltering and dangerous conditions. There are ships which are known for good luck and safe travel and there are ships cursed for everything under the sun, but there are some reputations that go beyond simple hatred.