Spartan preview new Uncharted Seas Destroyers

Spartan Games have updated their Coming Soon page with photos of seven Destroyers for their Uncharted Seas fantasy naval combat game.

From their website:

The next release for the Uncharted Seas brings seven Destroyers to the gaming table. Designed to be fast and very manoeuvrable, and with front on warfare at their core design, these ships will ship simultaneously for the seven current fleets. We will be packing three models per blister. We will be setting a release date for these models with our distributors and shops next week, so you won’t have to wait long for the models.

We will be adding a second Dragon Carrier blister (SDL006-A) to our Online Store that has 2 resin bases and 6 pewter Nogdra dragons in it. We will also be making a package (SDL006-B) of just the 2 bases and 6 Nogdras available for those players who wish to upgrade an existing Dragon Carrier model.