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Spartan Games Taking Orders For Halo: Ground Command

Back at Gen Con last year, in the Spartan Games' booth, there were some miniatures on display for the next Halo game to be coming from the company. We had Halo: Fleet Command, but what about all the fun of running around on the ground, jumping into Warthogs and taking on the Covenant man-to-alien? Well, that time has come, as Spartan Games has started taking orders for Halo: Ground Command.

The game is 1/100 in scale, letting you create large armies of troops, vehicles, and air support. The first set is The Battle for Reach (that planet Reach must be quite an important bit of rock in the infinite expanses of space...). It has starter armies for both the USNC and Covenant. It's also got all the templates, tokens, and such that you'd need to play.