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Spartan Games Seeks Community Manager

Do you like games? Do you like talking about games? Do you like getting other people talking about games? Do you like to organize events? Would you play a bean-eating game with George Wendt? Ok, skip that last one. But if you answered "yes" to the previous, than Spartan Games just might have a job for you as their new Community Manager.

As Community Manager, you will help create and run organized play events for Spartan Games' lines. I've known some Community Managers in my time. They're always busy and always have an excitement for games that seems to surpass everyone else. If you're that type of person, send in your resume.

That's not the only job that Spartan is looking to fill. They've got several others, ranging from Master Mold Maker to Graphics Designer to Apprentice Product Assembler. If you'd like a job in the gaming industry, you might just want to check out their page and see if any of those work for you.