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Spartan Games puts up free Uncharted Seas Rulebook download and has sale on Uncharted Seas line

Spartan Games has another of their rulebooks for free to download from their website. This time it's Uncharted Seas. They're also having a sale on their Uncharted Seas line.

From the announcement:

For the first time, Spartan Games has made the Uncharted Seas Rulebook FREE for anyone to download from our website. Set in an exciting and deadly fantasy realm, the Uncharted Seas is a fast paced naval game that delivers plenty of fun as you game with our stunningly detailed miniatures.

With well over 100 different Uncharted Seas products spread across 9 fearsome races, there is so much to choose from. Starter Fleets, Upgrade Blisters, Game Cards, Scenery, Monsters... place an order for anything Uncharted Seas and we will give you 30% OFF. Please note that Uncharted Seas Mega Bundles are not included in this promotion.