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Spartan Games previews their September releases

Spartan Games is showing off what they've got in store for you all in a couple months with a preview of their September releases.

From the preview:

This month we have another selection of fantastic new models across our gaming systems:

• Our newly released Dystopian Legions infantry just got deadly! Specialists armed with powerful weapons and Sergeants to provide inspirational leadership arrive for both the Federated States of America and Empire of the Blazing Sun.

• Meet some of the largest models we’ve ever made for Firestorm Armada as the Kedorian Coalition lend their firepower to the might of the Zenian League. These sleek and lethal spaceships have the ability to hurl shattering weapon ordinance in all directions, leaving their desperate enemies with nowhere to hide.

• Our first wave of Upgrade Boxes for the core Dystopian Wars nations is now complete as the Covenant of Antarctica, Republique of France and Russian Coalition bring their latest and most potent machines of war to your gaming table.

These models will be shipping from 18th September 2013. From today, you can place your advance orders in the Spartan Games Online Store to ensure you do not miss out on these exciting new releases.