Spartan Games previews new race for Firestorm Armada: The Oroshan Empire

By Polar_Bear
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May 25th, 2012

Spartan Games put up a blog entry on their website with some pictures and fluff behind a new race for Firestorm Armada: The Oroshan Empire.

From the blog:

As the Dindrenzi-Terran War intensifies, the graceful but deadly ships of the race known as the Oroshan are becoming an increasingly common sight in the war-battered Storm Zone and other nearby regions of space.

Their presence has drawn the interests of the leading powers of both sides, for the Oroshan have developed a reputation as highly effective mercenaries, as well as consummate spacefarers.

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  • Absolutionis

    I thought Spartan Games had abandoned this game in favor of Dystopian Wars…

  • Piston Honda

    No, they have had several releases since Dystopian War came out. And will be releasing a hard back edition of the rules with some new updates.

    The game along with Uncharted Seas has been put on the back burner since the release of DW.

    Small company and will focus most of its efforts on their biggest money maker. Unfortunately it is the game I do not like, despite it being steampunk.

  • cama

    I really like the look of Dystopian Wars; the other two are ok I guess. Everyone around here plays nothing but PP games, except for my historical gaming friends.

  • Spartan

    Firestorm is still big in my area, with DW rarely seen.

  • Ghost

    As with all Spartan games the models are lovely. Personally I found the rules to be an almost incomprehensible derivative of better systems mashed together by enthusiastic amateurs. But, the models are lovely.