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Spartan Games Posts September 30th Pre-Orders Online

While much of the excitement around Spartan Games lately has been all about Halo, they have other games that should also be paid attention to. You can see that in the latest set of pre-orders that they're taking on their site.
Uh... there's also some Halo stuff there...

There's 5 releases coming for Halo (though only 3 have pictures so far). For more ways to expand your fleets, there's Command Fleet Upgrade and Fleet Boxes for both the USNC and Covenant. And with all those new ships, you gotta have ways to make sure you know what's what. That's where the Battle Group ID and Token Pack comes in.

Then, as I mentioned, they have things for another of their games. This time it's Dystopian Wars. The Empire of the Blazing Sun, the Covenant of Antarctica, and the Prussian Empire are all getting themselves some really big toys in the form of Battle Robots (I mentioned my love of mechs earlier. That still holds true here. These look pretty cool).