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Spartan Games Posts Latest Pre-Orders

Spartan likes to make sure that you guys are prepared for their latest releases. They give you about a month and a half to get your orders in for their latest sets of figures. Such is the case today, as they're letting you know what you can expect to start shipping on November 25th. If you're a fan of Halo: Fleet Battles and Forestorm Planetfall, then you'll want to take a look at what they have coming up.

Carriers are the name of the game in the Halo releases. Depending on your faction of choice, you either get the UNSC Punic-Class Supercarrier or the Covenant Assault Carrier (CAS). Either way, let them do the lifting for you.

Meanwhile, for Planetfall, you get a bit more options as several Ground Command Helixes hit the turf. They are created featuring a central command vehicle that will help get the various infantry bases into the fight as quickly and efficient as possible.