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Spartan Games Painting Contest Happening Now

Painting a miniature is its own reward. You've got a little work of art that you can also use to attack your opponent's forces and achieve total victory on the gaming table!! But hey, if you're really good at slinging that colored goop around, you could also get extra prizes if yours is deemed the best. Spartan Games feels so, anyway, and so they're running a painting contest.

The contest is in honor of the upcoming release of Halo: Ground Command. Obviously, though, you're not going to be painting those minis (since they're, y'know, not out yet). However, you can paint the figures from the Halo minis that are available from Halo: Fleet Command. There's also the 54mm figures given away at Salute. Weren't at Salute? Well, you're in luck because those figures are available over in the Spartan Games webshop.

Prizes will include signed rulebooks, as well as other Halo-themed goodies from both Spartan and Microsoft.

You have from the 13th of this month until August 31st to get your entries in.