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Spartan Games New Firestorm Armada Releases

Spartan Games previews March's Firestorm Armada's releases:

From their post:

FAZR04 Zenian League RSN Bulwark Class Frigate (6)
The Bulwark Frigates defend their commanders with pride and deadly conviction. These effective guardians serve not only to assure the loyalty of the Dindrenzi, but to sow fear in all that oppose them and to warn that they will not be overcome.

FAZR10 Zenian League RSN Banshee Class Dreadnought (1)
The pride of the Rense System Navy is reserved for the Banshee Class Dreadnoughts – massive juggernauts that symbolise the dedication the Dindrenzi value and the power they possess. The Banshee is home to some of the most formidable weaponry deployed in the war effort, making them extremely fearsome in battle.

FAZB03 Zenian League Ba’Kash Sharnak Class Cruiser (Closed) (1)
The Ba’Kash are remorseless raiders of supreme skill – a frightening prospect for even those that have yet to come face-to-face with these unsettling figures. Perhaps even more petrifying are the machines they ride to war with. The beastly Sharnak Class Cruiser is as versatile as it is menacing, and will undoubtedly serve you well in battle.

FAZB04 Zenian League Ba'Kash Sharnak Class Cruiser (Open) (1)
Just take a look at the open variant of the Sharnak Class Cruiser to get an idea of how versatile and deadly this monster really is. Whether the Sharnak comes at you open or closed, you can be sure you are in for a fight to remember.

FADF20 Dindrenzi Federation Nausicaa Mk II Class Battleship (1)
With unrelenting malice and formidable weaponry, the Nausicaa Mk II Class Battleship has but one aim: to burn all opposing ships to a crisp. The arrival of the new Mk II Battleship brings the Dindrenzi the very latest in warfare technology. The potential for destruction is scary, but the Nausicaa will ensure that potential is realised.

FAAP21 Aquan Prime Chironex Mk II Class Cruiser (2)
The injustices the Aquans have suffered will surely be avenged when they take the impressive Chironex Mk II Class Cruisers into battle. Wily, cunning and painstakingly lethal, the Chironex is a dangerous ship not to be messed with.

FAAP22 Aquan Prime Barracuda Mk II Class Frigate (6)
Notoriously difficult to shake off, the Barracuda Mk II Class Frigates are an enduring threat that will hunt enemies to the bitter end. They offer the protection and assurance you will need to ensure victory for the Aquans, making them an essential addition to your Aquan fleet.

FAEX01 Flight Stands Base and Peg Set (10)
Flight Stands are obviously very prominent in Firestorm Armada – after all, every Firestorm Armada model has one! The Base and Peg Set ensures you can never be short of them.