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Spartan Games New Dystopian Wars releases - the French are coming!

Spartan Games previews March releases:

From their post:

DWRF01 Republique of France Naval Battle Group
The Republique of France Naval Battle Group is the perfect way to get started and learn the unique characteristics and advantages of the French navy. The Republique of France is a proud and resilient nation, and their Naval Battle Group is sure to serve you well. This Battle Group is a great way to begin building your collection and plot your path towards world domination.

DWRF02 Republique of France Magenta Mk I Class Pocket Battleship
Uniquely, the Surface Skimmer rule allows the Mk I to move over land and water. This is just one of many dramatic benefits of technology ‘liberated’ from the fugitive Markov. The Magenta class Battleship is fitted with the extraordinary Gravity Nullification Engine (GNE), allowing it to operate in the space between surface models and flyers. This Battleship is sure to stand out on the battlefield and will act as a warning to your enemies that the French are a force to be reckoned with.

DWRF05 Republique of France Couronne Class Battle Carrier
The French navy are able to take advantage of a range of technical refinements, the most impressive of which is the huge Heat Lance, which comes fitted to the Couronne Class Battle Carrier. These weapons are devastating at short to medium range, able to buckle the superstructure of any opposing vessel. Impressive in size and stature, the Couronne Battle Carrier is as intimidating as it is effective.

DWRF12 Republique of France Epaulard Class Submarine
With the world gripped by crisis, France is ready to seize the chance to regain its rightful place as a great power. Their Epaulard Submarines are built for purpose, armed with long range Mortars and Mines to protect them from the close-range attentions of their traditional hunters. When on the surface its devastating mortar is able to fire at enemy models. When below the surface the mortar is below deck and unable to fire. Both variants of the model will be sold on an integrated water base.

DWRF13 Republique of France Magenta Mk II Class Pocket Battleship
The Magenta Mk II Class Pocket Battleship is capable of taking the same armament as the Mk I, but can also upgrade its weaponry to the Heat Lance, trading one of its standard turrets for a greater advantage over the larger vessels. It is also fitted with a Cloud Generator, allowing the Magenta to obscure itself from its enemies.

DWRF16 Republique of France Toulon Class Armoured Cruiser
The Toulon Armoured Cruiser displays great resistibility and a smaller version of the deadly Heat Lance that is able to combine fire with other ships in the squadron. Audacious to the will of the enemy, this Armoured Cruiser is undeniably a great ship and an important component of any French Naval Fleet.

DWRF21 Republique of France Armoured Battle Group
Although France does not possess an overseas empire, the Foreign Legion accepts recruits from all over the world and moulds them into a unique and elite fighting force. The French land military force is known as l’Armee de Terre. L’Armee de Terre is split into the Armee de Reguliers, Armee de Reserve and the much-feared Commande d’Assault Lourds. These armies form some of the Republique’s most feared elite forces and the Armoured Battle Group makes them yours to command.

DWRF22 Republique of France Bastille 'N-5' Class Land Ship
The Heavy Assault Command subdivision of the Land Army is responsible for the Republique’s precious Land Ships. They are parcelled out to Legions as and when they are needed. Not surprisingly, Legions benefit greatly when this beastly machine is added to the fray.

DWRF23 Republique of France Focault 'R-6' Class Medium Tank
The Focault ‘R-6’ Tank is a medium class tank that can deal hefty damage even at longer range. Formidable in war, the might of the Focault is matched only by the ferocity of the Legions that command them.

DWRF24 Republique of France Marteau 'ACA-8' Class Bombard
The Marteau ‘ACA-8’ Class Bombard is a vital component of l’Armee de Terre that no army should be without. Able to use indirect fire with its 360 degree long-range mortar, the Marteau will cause havoc to opposing forces, leaving them no refuge from its wrath.

DWEX01 Fight Stands Base and Peg Set
With the Base and Peg Set, you will never be short of Flight Stands for your models. Owning extra Flight Stands ensures you will be never be short of this vital component, making them an extremely useful addition to your modelling kit.