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Spartan Games Dystopian Legions Box Set Deals

You'd think it were Christmas with all the special deals going on right now. Well, I guess "Christmas in July" is sort of a thing. Spartan Games is joining in on the fun with their new Dystpian Legions Box Set Offers over in their webshop. If you've been interested in the game, but hadn't thought of a good time to start, now just might be it.

For the month of July, Spartan is giving you savings of 30-40% off of the regular price with these starter army bundles. Pick the Federated States of America, Empire of the Blazing Sun, Kingdom of Britannia, or the Prussian Empire (or all 4, if you want) and place your order. No worry about coupon codes or rebates or anything like that. Just make your order and you're ready to go.